1. this is freakin awesome! i may not totally understand the lyrics though it really sounds like an international artist… great dude!!! make more like this… make your music known!!

  2. I just came across your video tonight and can’t stop watching all of your videos. Your piano and voice are good. Hope to see more.

  3. wow~~ ur voice is good!!^__^ i must say i like it a lot..XD anyways,, i jz wonder if u could do an0ther david tao song~ that wud be cool~ keep it goin’!

  4. Very nice sound of piano. I want to buy the same model of piano. Pleasse tell me , for this nice sound you use only the piano korg sg pro x? or you have something attached? Please help me my messenger id is vassyhd PLS HELP ME

  5. @kclau77 dear Kclau77, I would like to ask for sheet music, but could you share midi file to me? kindly ask for this. thank you indeed.

  6. Hi KC Lau, could you send me the MIDI file as well please? Thanks and great cover of it , love it!

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