1. oh my GOd oh my God! hehehe this is my favorite DT song xD.. i know this is hard to sing but u did a good job~ 😀 and i like the emotions from your voice~ thanks for posting~ i Enjoyed it a lot~

  2. 我是davidtao的超級fans啊..你唱的聲音錄得很清..很酒廊feel呢!好正啊…要加油..多多放好歌上來啊…

  3. nice voice…hey bro i think u played e organ well…adam here wanna learn how to sing chinese songs from u..my no. 93273113

  4. hi really like your piano playing make video tutorial for this song please,,,,,,, put your video camera a bit higher to the side so i can see what notes you play 谢谢 ^_^v

  5. Very nice voice and piano playing!!! Loved the movie “Don’t go Breaking My Heart” – this is the theme song!!!

  6. can i have ur piano sheets ? i want to play this song for so long but i cant find the sheets just like yours .. T_T can i have it ?

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