25 thoughts on “Speak 说话”

  1. hehe metronome going off in the background, very nice song. Do you live in China btw? My parents are from shanghai, so I speak that dialect fluently. My mandarin is pretty choppy, ^_^ lol. Very nice song!!! 5/5

  2. i am loving your song every single time i listen to it 🙂 not sure if you got my previous message , but keep up the great work :)you have a beautiful talent and a great voice! i dont understand manderin but your song is very touching, and sounds very romantic 🙂

  3. Your song is brilliant! can’t figure out how to send you messages…think this is not working…but just want to say you have a beautiful talent and a great voice! keep up the great work. i dont understand manderin but from what i can hear, it sounds very touching and romantic. great work! 🙂

  4. I like u voice,co nice sound and you play piano vey well:) Is the song write by uself? Wish can hear more of u song again:)

  5. Hi, Thanks for loving my music. I got more songs coming up soon. I like to compose music. I wrote this song’s music but the lyrics is done by a friend. Do you compose?

  6. Hahaha…I don have a talent like u. My voice not nice:) If u come out with CD that i sure will buy it. Wish can hear u good new:) Gambatek!

  7. good song…. but another background music that .. duk duk duk… i think not so good to put in as part of music… hehe….. but overall is good.

  8. @leeccg that thing that’s clicking is called a metronome and is meant to keep the tempo. its an important tool for any musician, but usally u dont record it. It looks like he’s playin’ at home and then its hard to choose exactly what to record.

  9. Hi Vivian, no plan for any album yet. But I do have some music listed on iTunes. You can check it out by searching “KCLau” at iTunes. Thanks for your support. I love making music.

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